Head Tube Alignment Adapter Tools - A lot of mechanics press in one headset bearing assembly at a time. Well the first assembly is always the hardest because the headset tool just presses on the face of the head tube. So the alignment adapter centers the tool by registering inside the head tube. The available sizes are 34mm (1-1/8), 44mm, 49mm and 56mm.

The Head Tube Alignment Adapters are machined from 6061-T651 Aluminum billet to exacting tolerances then anodized to decrease wear. They are Laser Marked with the head tube size they fit. The Adapters are compatible with the Park Headset Press (HHP-2) or any press with a .875"(22mm) Diameter Shaft.

$10 each size or $30 for the set

Note: Frame preparation should be done in accordance to the Headset Manufacture.

Shipping charges are as follows:

$3.50 - USA
$10.00 - Canada
$13.75 - World wide
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