For sale is a Guardian Bike with 20" wheels, the small Aluminum frame. This is the perfect bike to help your little one learn how to ride. Also, I want to sell them as a combo, a Followme Tandem Adapter which couples your bike to your little ones. You can pull them up hills and around the neighborhood, or in heavy traffic. The connection is rock solid and works extremely well. The Trailgator competitor is garbage and I didn't feel safe with my son behind me on that. So I returned that and spent the extra money on this instead.

Included is the Guardian Bike, Followme Tandem adapter and a 5mm QR skewer(for 10x135mm axles) and M10x1 adapters for solid axles.

This is not price gouging, this is a quality aluminum bike, I paid $380 for the bike originally and $300 for the Followme tandem. These bikes are on backorder until October-November, you can check their website:

The followme tandem: