It's a rare thing for a 20 year old bike to turn heads on the trail. But this one still does. Friends say, "Do that thing" and then I flash the "MADE IN USA, CHEHALIS WASHINGTON" metal badge. Those who know get it. This is one of those famous and rare Klein paint jobs (Jamaican Gold). Aside from some scratches, she still shines like crazy. Still light and fast.

I'm quite sad to let this one go. I'm the original owner (as you can see in the pics with the manual and receipt). But the lure of the full suspension is calling too strong for me and I need to sell in order to get into one of those. I tried to cover all I could in the pics. If you want to see something else, please ask.

This was never ridden very hard. Maybe 3 or 4 trails a year, with about an 8 year gap where it was only on roads (kids). So the all important frame is in good shape.

All original components except for the handlebar. Replaced with a Forte carbon bar and grips. The right shifter suffered damage and the plastic housing around the indicator is gone. Works fine, though.

Biggest thing that needs fixed is the fork. No suspension left as it needs repair.

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