A tale of two trannies... https://archive.ibiscycles.com/bikes...dels/tranny29/

I am selling one (but not both) of these Ibis Tranny frames. They are amazing, unique, light hard tail 29er frames. Do some internet research and you'll see how awesome and unique these bikes are. All carbon fiber, less than 3lb frame for XL, tough as nails, one of the first of the all mt hardtails, yet still race ready (it won the continental divide 3k Canada to Mexico border race in 2017).

The bike is called a Tranny because it "goes both ways" either geared or single speed. (sorry I didn't pick it...) Unique in that the rear triangle detaches from the frame for easy traveling, belt drives and single speed shennanigans. You can even get a "trans-fat" rear frame to accomodate your fat bike rear wheel dreams. Mine has the standard 142mm drop outs. For the past couple of years I've been riding mine in all conditions. It is marine blue. I had some creakiness in the bottom bracket area, but IBIS factory solved that with some epoxy and sanding. No issues since.

As backup I also have New Old Stock one in Orange. Never built up. I'm keeping one, selling the other. i love the bike too much. Mine has a bunch of scratches because its a freaking mt bike and it may still have some Disney princess stickers on it from my mtbiking daughters.. $400. The new orange one is $1000. Retail was $1795 when launched.

Frame only. Look at the link to ibis website for details. I built it up around a 120mm fork although it can handle both 100 and 140 forks without greatly affecting geometry.