I am selling my 2018 Canyon Spectral CF 8.0, I am the original owner. The front triangle of the bike is carbon fiber and the rear triangle is aluminum. There was a recall as some of the welds on the rear triangle were compromised but my bike was not affected and there has been no sign of failure. I will include the replacement triangle that Canyon sent to me.

This bike has 157 miles on it and has been meticulously maintained. Pictures show a little mud as I wanted to go on one last quick ride before I let her go. I will make sure to ship a completely clean bike.

It will be easier to google all of the specifications for chain stay length, head tube angle etc. if there is anything specific I can answer just let me know.

I am also willing to sell the frame only if you are interested.

There are some minor scratches from use but absolutely no damage to the carbon or rear triangle.

I will work with you on shipping to make sure that it come to the right amount and you are not overcharged.

If you have any questions at all just let me know!

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