Great condition '93 or '94 Bontrager OR.

I picked this up from the original owner and have not time to enjoy it nor room to keep it. Hoping to pass it along to another vintage Bontrager fan.

This is well before the Trek acquisition making it a great collector's choice.

Some details:
Block decals vs. the slanted decals puts it at '93-'94

Braze-ons are TIG welded on, bottle mounts are brazed (vs bonded)

FD pulley to run a bottom pull with top tube cable.

2-piece telescoping seat stays (all pre-Treks had this)

Some slight marring on the top tube decal but overall the bike was hardly ever ridden, a great survivor. Original grips and saddle in great shape. It appears to have all the original parts from the day it was sold which consists of an interesting Specialized parts kit build from '93. This includes stem, handlebars, grips, rims, cranks, saddle, and Future Shock fork. The tires are the exception which appear to be late 90s Velociraptors based on the presence of WTB's failed metric width labeling.

This bike was possibly sold locally in San Luis Obispo by Art's Cyclery which was a Specialized dealer, explaining the build kit.

Overall a desirable Bontrager in great shape, with a fullly original and period correct build, except the tires. I'm asking $900 based on that.
Piecing one together from this era starting with a frame from eBay with a period-correct build kit seem cheaper at first but in reality will quickly catch up in time and cost and it's unlikely you'll find everything in as good condition as it is here.

ST: 17" C-to-Top
TT: 21.5" C-to-C

We can split the shipping UPS ground insured, in the US only. Also available for pickup in San Luis Obispo.