Excellent upgrade to an entry level bike, or backup to your fancy carbon ones, just in case they crack, or you know you're going to be riding sketchier stuff than you want to risk. Think of it as you're buying a very decent wheelset for the price of an acceptable replacement rear wheel.

**These wheels are new take-offs. Only riding done on them was testing out bike.**

21mm internal/25.5mm external rim width
24 bladed spokes
4 pawl ratchet hubs
SRAM XD driver
Boost (15x110 Front/12x148 Rear)
6 bolt disc
Bearings are like butter

Things not included:
- tires (tires installed in pics for an idea what a 2.4 looks like mounted - which is awesome!)
- valves
- thru axles

Will ship anywhere in the US or Canada. I'll split shipping with you. It will be cheap - I work at F*d*x!