This is a KinderBike Mini Trainer Balance Bike. This is a great bike for toddlers to learn on. Much better quality than the typical Strider, or bikes from Walmart, Target, etc. Biggest advantage is that it's much lighter. Also added bonus of having a handbrake. My little guy was balancing on this when he was 2 1/2. Always garage kept and in excellent condition. Also has custom aluminum bar ends and bell.

KinderBike Mini Trainer Features:

- Designed for children ages 18 months - 4.
- Lightweight aluminum alloy frame, weighs only 8.5 pounds.
- Adjustable handlebars allows you to raise them as the rider grows taller and move them forward to back for a custom fit for your child.
- Height and angle adjustable and padded saddle seat grows from 11 inches to 20.5 inches tall with the snap of a quick-release. A second extended seat post INCLUDED for when your child grows taller.
- Rugged-tread, all-terrain pneumatic aluminum wheels are great for traction on-road and off-road.
- Aluminum frame, rims, handlebar, quill, quick-release, brake arms, brake lever, and seat post.
- 1" steel threaded headset (no plastic here!) helps little ones smoothly steer.
- Linear-pull rear V-brake included and installed.