These are no longer being made, but this is a Hauck 150mm Bluto adapter kit for Salsa 135 and 142 conversion hubs. If you want to be able to run a Bluto and your 135QR or 142 thru axle rigid Salsa fork, you can with this kit and won't have to redish your rim every time you switch forks. The Hauck end caps evenly space the Salsa hub to keep the rim centered in the Bluto, yet use a White Brothers snowpack brake adapter to space the caliper over to line up with the brake rotor. I purchased this brand new for my wife's Mukluk and it has maybe seen 100 miles of use. I picked up an extra 150mm spaced front wheel for her bike, so I no longer need this kit. Huack has since went out of business, so these are getting pretty rare to find. You'll be getting the 2 end caps, the WB Snowpack brake adapter, and the 2 bolts for the WB adapter.

Asking $40 Shipped to the continental US 48.
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