These are one year old I-9 BC 27.5" wheels with nearly new (2 rides - 20 miles?) Hans Dampf 2.6" tires. I will also include excellent Maxxis 2.8 Rekon tires. I bought these because all my buddies love them, and I had a ball snow riding with the 2.8" Rekons. I had less fun on the dry trails though, so I bought the 2.6" tires and was quite impressed for sure; but I had quite a few more pedal strikes than with my 29" wheels and frankly that is not something I liked. I thought the wider tires might satisfy me with a cushier ride on my hardtail - and they definitely did - but the reality for my old body I guess is a FS bike and that is the direction I'm heading. For another $50.00 I will add Shimano rotors to the deal - 180mm, in excellent condition. I hardly ever used them because I discovered I don't like staggered brake rotor sizes on my bike so I only use 160mm rotors. I will ship with the wheels inflated if I can - fresh Orange peelz and of course holding air great. These are truly great wheels, my other set is the I-9 Enduros and they are incredible - make the bike. I also have some extra spokes. Forgot to say there are two small scratches on the rear wheel 3 mm each, very minor. You can see them in the photo above the 'B' on the tire.