Tool, bearings, Fox bushings all in a bundle price, shipped to your door. EVERYTHING IS BRAND NEW! FREE SHIPPING!

Prefer to sell as a set but will break things up if needed.

Ripley Fix-it Bundle

-Clemens Tool
-Bearing kit for Ripley, includes Enduro "MAX" black oxide bearings.
2 - 608 (swingarm, lower)
2 - 698 (swingarm, upper)
4 - 6806 (front triangle eccentrics)

Fox Shock Reducer Hardware
Genuine replacement Fox shock hardware for your Mojo or Ripley. The HD4/3, Mojo 3 and v1/v2/v3 Ripleys use only the front hardware. Rear is for older style Mojo, SL/R, HD /HDR.