The DeHy B1 allows you to optimize ergonomics and reliability of your Reverb Stealth by replacing the orginal bulky hydraulic remote with cable actuated conversion. Then you can run your own cable actuated lever of choice with your Reverb dropper post.

The DeHy B1 is compatible with all Reverb Stealth versions of the latest Reverb B1 (model year 2017).

Note that deliveries of MY 2017 Reverb started in late 2016, so you must not go by the date of purchase to determine which version that you have. You can easily spot which version you have by looking at the upper stanchion. A1/ A2 versions have a completely black stanchion, where as the B1 version has a gold or silver "ROCKSHOX" logo on the upper stanchion right underneath the seat post's head (see attached photo). The A1/ A2 versions do not have a logo there.

The DeHy B1 kit includes:
1@ Full CNC aluminum DeHy assembly unit for the Reverb Stealth B1
1@ Barrel able clamp for the inner wire.
1@ Cable housing
1@ Inner cable
2@ Cable housing ferrules

Let me know if you have any questions. Any reasonable offer will be considered.

Thanks for looking!