I messed up!!!!!

Bought this bike at a great price, $2900.00 including tax. Retail is $4000.00 2019 is $4200.00.
Didn't run the numbers re building up a frame vs complete bike. Now I need to sell the wheels, fork and drivetrain
in order to have the spec I want when it would have been easier and cheaper to buy a frame and build with what I already
have plus a few extras.

24.8lb with tubes and XTR pedals!

Not many of these for sale; 2019's aren't out yet and you can run this as a 27.5+ as well!!!
If you ride a large you can ride this in an XL; they run pretty small!

Here's the bike.

Make me an offer; it's a great price for a bike with carbon frame, GX drivetrain, and carbon wheels.

Have the bike; still trying to sell it before I part it out tho. Check in after this weekend. 2/8/19

I'll wait a week before I take it apart and sell the parts; they're already up on PinkBike.That's why I don't have pics.