What we have here is a Bringheli Frame jig. I didn't see a better category to throw it in.

It cost $1500 new, but I also have some accessories for it including additional head tube cones for a 44mm head tube and dummy axles for 110mm [BMX], 120mm [Track], 130mm [Road], and 135mm [Mountain--well, used to be ] spacings. I've successfully built a fat bike with it (190mm) using a bunch of washers, too. Not the easiest to set up jig in the world, but builds a plenty straight frame once it's set.

I also have a Bringheli fork jig. Not included in this price, but let me know if if you want to deal.

Local pickup preferred (near Denver). Not sure how much shipping will cost. I'm guessing $100 domestically but I haven't actually priced it out.