Hey Klunker collectors, I have here a 1951 Schwinn Klunker.

This was built to bomb down Larkspur Canyon back in the day.

I got it from the builder himself, He said he grew up in Larkspur and was one of the first guys bombing down Tam with this bike.
He had it stored under his parents house for 20 years while living in another state.

When I got it the saddle leather was rotted and the original wheels were in bad shape.

I replaced the leather and gave it period correct wheels.
I have the original wheels to go with the bike.

I am selling the Klunker because I am moving to Washington and I think it would be a shame to remove it from Marin where it was part of Mountain bike history.
I prefer to sell it to someone who is local to Marin.

The bike is in great working condition and the frame is strong.
The paint is peeling but I think that's one of the things that give it character.

Notice the 26" Cook brothers fork the skiptooth chain and chain ring, the welded peddles, Ashtabula stem and the custom welded handlebars.

Pretty cool.

There are not many of these Survivors left.


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See photos here:

Photos of bike when I got it fresh from storage under house.