Local Sale in San Diego. Shipping would be costly and I prefer test rides anyways. For more information

BESV LX1 (road bike) has under 2000 miles on it and rides solid with just a few scratches or scuffs on the frame. Max assist speed is 21.5 mph and 15 mile battery max assist with info panel built into the frame. MSRP is ~$4500. Selling for $1800.

BESV PS1 $1200 (MSRP 3400) is a city bike with a 15 mph top speed and 7 miles range max assist. It also has around 1000 miles on the clock with no mechanical failures and rides fine. The front brake has no fluid because the bike shop ran out after adjustments, so I never bothered.

I rode these bikes to work and back for around 9 months (7 miles round trip) with no issues.