This is my bike that I have had for 20 years and because of age have opted to just keep my feet on the ground when exercising! 70 years old but feeling good and just think walking will work best for me.
This is a beautiful bike with 99% of all the original parts, I bought it back in 1998 and I am pretty sure it has most all the original parts and a couple of the stickers are worn but all in all a gorgeous 23 lb. bike and it is 17.5 (at least that is the markings on a place I found) and I believe it was the sizing.... I could send a photo of that mark and you could tell me if it is correct. On the Left Hand Shifter the Number part was broken, but it does not affect the use of the Shimono Gears, they All Work Very Good.
I had the Handle bars up more than most for comfort in riding.
The cost of shipping might be less but can be determined by your zip code if you want to write me.