Thinning the herd. That means the trusty ol' singlespeed has to go. It's a mucho fun bike to ride- definitely the most fun MTB I've ever ridden. There's a reason it's a cult classic. I'm sure it'll make someone really happy.
It's reasonably well spec'd with a Bontrager XXXL carbon bar, Juicy 7 brakes, RXL rear wheel, SRAM X9 handbuilt front, and X-Fusion fork. The frame has lots of scratches and paint chips, but no dents or smooshes or other scary stuff. You can see some of the worst scratches in the photo of the bike's rear end. The chainstay ones are from my heels rubbing.
It's hard a life in the woods, but it's mechanically in good shape. New rear tire, new bottom bracket, new brake pads, new brake fluid as of less than 50 miles ago. The headset also got overhauled around that time- the bearings get pulled and greased about once a month (or whenever the bike gets rained on) in the riding season. I didn't cut the seatpost or anything silly.
I've got lots of cogs for this bike, so gearing shouldn't worry you. Definitely have an 18t, 20t, and 22t. Pretty sure there's a 16t or 17t in there, too. Front chainring is a 32t on the TruVativ crank. Pedals aren't included. Cage can be included, but the fancy CO2 holder thingy stays with me.

-I'll entertain offers, but please don't beat me up.
-Buyer pays shipping, and only the exact cost of shipping. I'll provide a receipt and all that.
-Local pickup is totally fine, too. I'll even drive it to within 40 miles of zip code 24060.
-Not interested in any trades right now. The point is to MAKE some space in my house!
-If the ad is still up, the bike's still for sale.