I have a number of hubs and cogs for sale!

Phil Wood Kiss Off 36h Fixed/Fixed mountain hub. It is 135mm is so beefy. It comes with both phil lockrings, but you can also run a freewheel on it with no problem. This was the hub of choice for Matt Chester back in the day. SOLD!

Phil Wood Kiss Off 32h front hub 100mm qr non-disc: SOLD!

Vintage Bendix Coaster hub 36h, thread on 19t cog and lockring. road it for a few months and it worked flawlessly. this is an awesome hub for a klunker: $45

Vintage shimano XT hub, 36h, uniglide 7 spd free hub body but it can be converted to a more standard 8/9/10 freehub. Also can be run either 130mm or 135mm: $20

Vintage WTB grease guard front hub, 100mm, standard qr, 32h, NOS with box but the box is is pretty busted SOLD!

Surly Fixxer: this is from the early days of the fixed gear craze. it replaces a standard shimano free hub body with a fixed gear set up. I think its a pretty cool relic from those days. I used it for a few months back in 2004-2005: $40

Vintage suntour grease guard crank bolts: $10
Vintage campagnolo crank bolts: $10

Miscellanous single speed cogs for standard shimano free hub body: they might be shimano cogs but I'm not sure and they all look to be either new or lightly used: 15t, 16t, 17t, 18t, 20t $5 each

Surly 20t single speed 3/32 single speed cog: $10

Soma 19t 1/8" track cog lightly used: $10

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!