Comes with Fox 36 Fit RC fork (adjustable hi/lo comp), which was serviced last year with new oil, wiper seals from Fox. Cane Creek DB Air CS 2015 rear shock. Chain stays stays and BB area have been protected from day one, and is still there in the photos, but I can remove them and take more pics for a serious potential buyer. These pics were taken with an IPhone and then copied from gmail on a desktop computer, so they're not the best,
but sending them directly to anyone interested will show much better detail, I would imagine.
Race Face SixC carbon crank with single 30t chainring, Wolftooth 42t large cog for getting up those steep techy climbs. Rental Fat Lite carbon bar with Syntace 35mm stem, both less than 2 years old. Brakes are Magura Marta (The rear brake, caliper, and rotor were replaced about a year and a half ago.) Cassette is Shimano XT. Syntax front wheel with 40mm wide rim and Minion DHF EXO 2.5 tire, all new from last fall, which would make the total rolling width very close to a 27" wheel with a 2.1 or 2.2, 27" wheels are marketed as 27.5" wheels for anybody unawares. There's definitely room for a 2.7" tire, that would equal it for sure, but for a long travel bike I actually prefer the handling and jumpability of a good 26er, and many agree including Pivot, as they're current Phoenix model is 26".
Rear wheel is DT Swiss E1750 with old Conti RubberQueen 2.45 tire. Didn't want to sell, but I had expensive medical bills this past spring. Time Z Pedals. Current build weighed in at 32 lb 10 ounces on shop scale. (That includes the heavy steel cage, chromoly axle pedals.) Forgot to mention it has the updated, stronger carbon rocker offered by Pivot for those who wanted to upgrade to a coil shock.
I've ridden it a few times recently, and the bearings (all enduro max I believe) are tight, no play or squeakiness anywhere. (It's never been ridden through deep water, only lightly hose washed once.)

P.S. I just happened to notice a review of the Phoenix and it looks like this years version has been changed to 27" wheels, so my bad on that. I checked Transition's website and their downhill bike is 26", I'm sure there are others. There's plus and minuses to all wheel sizes as everyone knows. Most people who are happy with their current 26" bikes aren't rushing out to buy a 27.5" (27" in reality) just for an inch larger wheel, so there will be no shortage of new tires and rims offered. Not to mention the vast majority of
fat bikes are 26" for less rolling resistance in the snow.