I had this set of wheels built up for my WFO, but after I broke my frame (apparently I'm too heavy for this particular aluminum frame due to the rear suspension pivot design) I switched to a carbon bike. These wheels are 150mm wide rear hub (100mm front), and my new bike has standard 142 rear spacing, so these won't fit anymore. Otherwise, I'd still be running these because they are absolutely bomb proof. I ran these for several years and they never even gave so much as a whimper or had a loose spoke, but I went through 3 frames (roughly a year each). These are still perfectly true, and have no issues that I can tell. The hoops have a little spotting on them (light spotting, but it shows up since the hoops are white), but I think with a little elbow grease and time you could get rid of most of it. I ran these almost exclusively on the street, so they didn't get much abuse other than the occasional pot hole that I couldn't avoid. Still has that killer Hadley "angry bees" zing to it when freewheeling. I might consider selling just the rear hub if someone is interested, and then I would rebuild these with the correct size rear to match the front and run them on one of my other bikes. Make me an offer. Comes with 180mm rotors front and rear. Thanks for looking.