Alright everyone, I have a 2016 Santa Cruz Highball CC XO1 for sale. This bike has been AMAZING! This bike is a total quiver killer as it can do just about anything you want it to. It can climb up with the best of them and give you some amazing descending confidence on the way down. I came to this bike after having a Niner Air9 Hardtail and this bike is a game-changer! I had a new confidence and a whole lot more smiles and comfort! I've pedaled many bikes from Evil The Following, Evil Insurgent, Specialized Enduro, Specialized Camber, Scott Genius, Scott Spark etc, and this bike, in my opinion, could do it all! I would love to keep it, but would also love to try a Tallboy 3 as the terrain in Alaska doesn't require as much travel as this bike has. I am a bit worried that I will miss this bike!

The frame of the bike has Invisiframe protective film on the entire frame (can be seen in some of the photos). I also bought and installed the same protective film for the Pike fork. The film is great and has kept the frame in near perfect shape! All wear areas have been covered and I'm confident if the film was removed, you'd have a showroom frame. The only scratches I could find were on the inside of the chainstay, behind crank, from rocks being tossed by rear tire. The fork and shock stanchions are both scratch free (see photos) . Dropper post has been warranty replaced and is good to go! The bike is 95% stock with the exception of XX1 cassette and chain.