Alas, some unexpected financial needs dictate that I pass this beauty along to someone else to enjoy.

What you get:
+ One gorgeous size medium Lenz Sport Fatillac owner an absolutely fantastic shape. I am the second owner; the first was Mike Curiak, and this exact bike can be seen on the Lenz Sport Bicycles website.
+ Rear: 150mm travel via a Rockshox Monarch RC3 DebonAir (two volume reduces bands installed)
+ Front: 120mm travel via a 2017 Manitou Mastodon 120mm EXT, new as of late spring 2017. Brilliant fork!
+ SRAM XX1 carbon cranks 170mm w/26T Wolftooth ring bash; INCLUDED is a 28T Wolftooth ring and bash. New BB as of mid-summer 2017. NO PEDALS!
+ Rear transmission is SRAM X0 11sp w/10-42 cassette, GX trigger.
+ Wheels: Front is a carbon Nextie Black Eagle II rim laced to a 150x15mm Salsa hub. Rear is a Surly Marge Lite laced to a Halo 177x12mm TA hub (new as of summer 2017). Fatty Stripper installed.
+ Tires: 45NRTH Vanhelga 26x4.0, 60TIP rear, 120TPI front. Tubeless.
+ Brakes: Hayes Prime, 180mm front/rear. Utilitarian, but bombproof and get the job done.
+ Cockpit is Raceface SixC carbon bar 785mm,60mm Answer stem, Ergon GE1 grips, and Ergon SMC4 medium saddle. Dropper is a Contact Switch SL 125mm, internally routed (no play, works flawlessly).

This bike can also be setup as a 27.5 (up to 3.0in tires on 45mm ID rims with TONS of mud clearance) and also as a 29er with ~2.5in rubber (also with plenty of clearance).

As an added bonus, I have a set of (i.e. two tires) brand new Jumbo Jim SnakeSkin 4.0's that can be swapped for the Vanhelga's for much reduced rolling resistance (and reduced weight) in the drier months. Makes a big difference. If you buy the bike I'll toss them both in for an extra $120(ish).

(The listed price INCLUDES SHIPPING via BikeFlights within the continental US. Shipping to other continental locations will be based on location and charged at cost.)

Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!