As new 2017 Pivot Mach 4 XL size. Ordered the bike 8/16/17 have literally ridden it 10 times due to all the local trails being closed because of the fires and me missing my 29er. This is a very small XL; too small for me. Anyone over 5'10" without super long legs like me will love it!

I miss my 29er wheels, going back to that. This bike is way fun, light, quick, modern geometry.If you ride a large you can ride this. I figured I'd try 27.5 but it's not for me. 130 travel front, 115 rear.

Here's the deal. I bought this bike for $4400.00 which was a steal for a bike with all XT, Fox Factory 34, carbon bars AND the DT 1200 carbon wheels. It came with a shitty crank so I added the RaceFace Turbine. It's a great bike, weighs 24.5lb with light tires and no pedals on it.

Ride it XC or put some beefy tires and a dropper on it and shred!

I just bought a Jet 9 RDO and and don't need four bikes so I'm putting this up for $3500.00 Seriously, I've ridden it ten times!!!! Maybe less.

I have $4400.00 invested which was a steal, I'm willing to let it go for $3500.00. You'll see other Mach 4's out there for sale but not with these wheels, cranks, and 10 rides at this price.

It's identical to this model ( except instead of XTR brakes and shifter they're XT. 2018 model has boost rear end and takes a 2.6 tire if that matters to you. The bike is as new!