$125 USD
White Brothers Magic-29 80mm Fork 1 1/8 Steerer tube cut to 8" - Regular 100mm Quick Release

Bought new on Moots Mootox YBB - Rode for a couple of years - been in garage storage and still pressurized.

Great Fork that locks out on the small stuff but is adjustable open based on your riding preferences. Set up for disk brakes but you may be able to find the Cantilever studs for rim brakes.

From White Brothers - State-of-the-art fork valving technology. Large volume, low pressure linear air spring, with open oil bath. - IMV, Intelligent Magnetic Valve The fork remains fully active without the need for a lockout, yet does not activate from rider input during climbing or sprinting. - The threshold of the IMV valve is dialed-in via a 30-click external adjustment knob.

Let me know if you have any questions