Carver Bikes built this to my order, which arrived in January of this year, and they did a fantastic job. It is in great shape, has been ridden for fewer than 500 miles, and has never had a wipe-out. I have just received a nearly identical bike in a great deal I couldn't pass up, so this one is up for grabs.

Titanium has the strength and comfort of steel, the lightness of aluminum, and doesn't need to be painted, so say goodbye to touch-up paint. If you get a scratch on the surface, rub it with a Scotch-Brite pad, and it's gone! This bike has a well broken-in Brooks B17 black leather saddle, and matching Portland Design Works black leather grips. I've just put on a new set of Panaracer 700x32 tires. For single speed, the 48:16 tooth ratio is a great balance for cruising, climbing and sprinting. If you'd like to have a lower gear ratio for steep climbing, take advantage of the flip-flop hub on this bike, and put a larger freewheel or fixie cog on the other side. And great news if you've had hand numbness on long rides - for most of us with that issue, the fix is an adequate sweep angle on the bars. With these Jones Bend H-bars and their 45 degree sweep, I get no numbness even on long rides. I had them engrave "Carver" onto the front of the headset. I think that decals or paint have no place on a titanium bike. The cable to the rear brake doesn't need cable stops or clamps - it threads through the inside of the top tube. The Alex rims have machined sidewalls, and the Formula hubs have sealed cartridge bearings. I used a 1/8" KMC stainless steel chain. The chainring and freewheel both have 3/32" teeth if you prefer using a narrower chain. The bike's frame has a wheel clearance for 35mm studded snow tires, and these Alex rims will take up to 35mm tires too. Chain tensioning is easy with horizontally adjustable vertical dropouts. Carver's blueprints for this bike's frame and fork are in with the pics. Buyer pays $75 shipping to US/48, and I'll handle the rest - this amounts to the buyer paying only about half of the shipping cost. PayPal is accepted.

Build List:
Carver Newsboy-style titanium frame & fork, with Carver sealed bearing headset, Phil Wood bottom bracket, Sugino 48T 175mm crankset $2,851
(please note on Carver Bike's website, Custom page, the Newsboy listed for $1500 is the frame alone.)
Brooks B17 saddle: $89
3k carbon fiber headset spacer: $12
PDW Whiskey Ergo leather grips: $54
Promax alloy stem: $16
Jones Bend H-bar handlebars: $85
Tektro brake levers: $15
KMC S10 1/8" stainless steel chain: $21
Platform pedals: $8
Driveline chainring guard: $24
Titanium top cap: $9
Sugino crankarm dust caps: $24
Alex machined sidewall rims w/ Formula sealed bearing hubs: $162
Sturmey-Archer 16T freewheel: $13
Uno seatpost: $21
Tektro R559 long reach calipers: $42
Jagwire cable kit: $16
Handsome hammered fenders $65
Total: $3,527 (this is what I spent on the bike - the price is now under 44% of this!)

Hand-brushed frame & fork: 94.5% titanium, 3% aluminum, 2.5% vanadium
Weight as pictured: 23 lbs
Frame height: 50cm (from the center of bottom bracket to top of seat tube)
Standover height: 30" This bike fits me great - I am 5'11" with a 32 inch inseam on my pants. You should have at least a 30" inseam for this bike to be the right size for you.

Come on out to Excelsior and take a look.