I9 Torch front and rear hubs - some of the finest mountain bike hubs available. These hubs cost over $520 bucks alone. The front hub has adapters for 20mm and QR (and you can buy adapters for 15mm). The rear hub is set up for QR.

The rims are Stan's Crests and are recommended primarily for lighter riders. I am 160lbs and used them for about everything - from XC racing to rocky, root-filled North Carolina Pisgah mountain trails, and the rims have been perfect. I have not had to touch them once. There are some small scratches and paint dings, but nothing that would hurt the rim.

The tires are also included. The front tire is a pretty much brand new and the rear tire has about 150 miles on it. Currently the front wheel is holding air for a long time, but the rear loses air over night - some fresh Stan's sealant will take car of that.

Local pickup near Augusta, Ga available