- Pike RCT3 140mm
- XX1 drivetrain
- WTB Frequency Team hoops laced to Hope Pro II EVO hubs
- XT brakes
- 30T chainring (you can have the 34T if you want too, but it's murder on this bike)
- brand new DHF on the front
- lightly used DHRII on the rear
- (like the 34T chainring, you can have the original Ardents too if you want them)
- set up tubeless
- added the SRAM crank booties to protect the shiny carbon cranks
What makes the Process bikes so great? Fit and geometry! Vernon Felton knows, as he expounded in the 2014 Bible of Bike Tests. This was the review that really sold me:

The subject of geometry came up again while talking about the Process 134 SE in 2015:

And finally, Bike mag reviewed this bike specifically (though after Vernon was already working for Pinkbike): http://www.bikemag.com/gear/review-k...s-134-supreme/

Not convinced yet? How about the NSMB long term review?

Are you looking for a one-bike stable? This is probably as close as it gets without spending $10K . I've ridden it on long XC-type rides as well as at Silver Star bike park. It was great at both extremes. (To qualify that, Whistler Bike Park, for example, would probably be more than would be comfortable on this bike. It's not a true park bike. Don't try to turn it into one.)

Bottom line: I love it, but these days I'm reaching for my fat bike. Someone should be riding it.