bis Ripley V2 OG (Not Boost, not LS!)

Bike is in Denver Area. Local only, not shipping it.

Size: Medium

The bike is this model, but the build specs are no longer accurate:

Build Specs:
X01 11-speed drivetrain
SRAM Guide RSC Brakes
Ibis 941 carbon wheels with DT 350 hubs
KS Lev Integra dropper
Pike 140 (upgrade from the stock Fox 120 fork)
Aggressor/Minion tires

Wheels - Rebuilt this spring with brand new 941 rims, so they have less than a season on them
Hubs - Serviced rear hub this spring with new grease and upgraded to higher-count star ratchet
Brakes - Suffered from sticky piston problem and were warrantied at LBS 3 weeks ago so the levers are brand new and have a fresh bleed. Sintered pads have lots of life left too.
Drivetrain - In good condition with no problems to report. The chain is probably in need of replacement but that's very minor.
Dropper - Rebuilt last summer, no problems
Fork - Rebuilt this spring
Shock - Rebuilt this spring
Cables/Housing - Replaced this spring
Linkage - Replaced eccentric bearing and swingarm bushings this spring

Dents/Dings/Send Marks:
There are cosmetic scratches on the frame, cranks and rims, but nothing serious or structural. I can send you more detailed pics if you like.It's the appropriate amount of use you'd expect to see from riding a bike for almost 2 years.

Extras (Included in the purchase price)
Ibis Ripley bearing tool - Bought this spring to replace eccentric bearings. Makes the job a breeze in your garage.
Old bearings - Kept these around as emergency backups
Tires - Have Ikon/Ardent tires from last season with life left in them if you want to run something lighter
Hanger - Spare Ripley derailleur hanger
Downtube bag - I made this downtube bag to keep all my backcountry repair stuff on the bike at all times. Super handy and gets the weight off your back.
Frame bag - I made a custom frame bag for this bike last year
Gerry can bag - Another custom bag I made to carry small things
26T Race Face chainring - Direct mount ring in case you wanted to climb up vertical walls

In the pictures but not included:
K-Edge stem mount
Bottle cage
Saddle - unless you really want it