Trek MT60 Kids Mountain Bike which as been modified for racing

Note that this bike is available as a full bike or as a "Module" for $300. The module includes:
- Frame, Fork, Headset
- Wheels, Tires, Tubes
- Chain

About the bike...

I've changed almost every part on this bike from when it was stock. The result is a kids 20" mountain bike that is 17lbs and as high quality as an adult mountain bike.

My son really loved this bike and we had some great rides on this bike. He has now moved on to a Specialized HotRocks XC Pro 24".

I would love for this bike to go to another kids who is super jazzed to ride and possibly race mountain bikes!

Here is what I did to this bike:

The biggest change:
- Spinner Air Suspension Fork - (Very Rare and a major game changer w/r/t how this bike rides) The Air fork is amazing. Most kids are too light to activate suspension on a 20" bike, however with the airfork you can adjust the air pressure so that the fork will be responsive to their body weight. I've been able to set up the fork so that there is some "sag" in the fork for my son and the ride is smooth and plush. He can feel the fork working.

Second Biggest change:
- Custom Built Wheels with custom spokes and Novatec 9 speed quick release front and rear hubs.
This enables the use of adult quality (in our case XT) parts.

Other changes:
- Shimano XT 9 Speed Cassette
- Shimano XT Shadow Rear Derailleur
- Shimano XT Rapid Fire Shifters