Taken off my Krampus, ridden for ~8 months. When pulled both hubs rolled smooth and quiet, I had absolutely zero issues with these wheels and only upgraded to a more narrow rim.

The rims are 50mm Surly Rabbit Hole 29" with Surly Ultra hubs. Front spacing is 100mm and rear is 135mm, 6 bolt disc, quick release skewers are included as well as the sweet looking bolt on SS bolts for the front wheel.

There are some scrapes and scratches to the rims but nothing out of the ordinary, 100% normal riding wear. I ran a bunch of different tires on these, including a 2.4 Conti MK2.

These are also setup with Gorilla Tape to run tubeless, I ran them this way since day one and had zero issues.

I have some extra tires I'd be willing to throw in to sweeten the pot, we can work that out.