Brand new
27.5 rim
Boost hub
Shimano/SRAM spline can convert to XD driver.

The Enduro rim is offset to the left to better balance out spoke tension, as both front and rear wheels are dished. This rim is hookless, 29mm deep, 34mm wide on the outside of the tire bed, and 28mm inside. Wheel weight is 1565g for the set.

The rim layup is called MR5 (Mountain Rim 5) Technology. It refers to how they assign particular materials to five different sections of the rim. Those are the rim bead, the side wall, the tire channel, the nipple bead, and the spoke face. Each area has its own type of carbon-fiber, epoxy, and resin. This allows them to tune the rims characteristics to you have more than enough of what you need, and nothing more than necessary of what you don't.

The shape has been made just so to work with the tire widths, ideal float, and impact strength peculiar to gravity-encouraged riding. Stronger than the Trail rim but lighter then what you'd need for a downhill rim.

Spoke holes are drilled for the alloy nipples to be exposed so it's easier to adjust spokes when necessary. The spoke count is 28 front and rear with Sapim CX-Ray straight-pull spokes doing the supporting.

The hubs are a joint project between Reynolds and Industry Nine. The hubs are produced by I-9 and the internals are identical to the Torch hubs, but the shell is unique to Reynolds, with straight-pull flange widths and heights tuned to mesh perfectly with Reynolds rims. The hubs come as 12mm thru-axle designs, 100mm in front, 135mm in rear. End caps can be purchased separately if you want to turn the hubs into quick-release designs.

Likewise, the cassette is a standard 10/11-speed Shimano/SRAM-compatible spline body. However, an SRAM XD Driver body can be purchased separately and installed at home. The rotor mounting method is Centerlock. The wheels come tubeless-ready with tubeless tape and valves.