My name is Konrad. Iíve been designing and building truing stands for some 10 years now. After many years of angle-adjusted-forks, Iíve decided to switch to parallel way of mounting the wheel. It allowed for greater rigidness and the use of dial indicators have become much more comfortable and sensible. Therefore they are on the stand as a standard.

This is the way, model TT-9,4 was brought to life. And from all of my stands, I like it most.
I am pretty positive, the new owner of the stand will be glad to have this unique tool.

Advantages of model TT-9,4:

- Great rigidness and accuracy
- Dial gauges as primary indicators
- Very fast setup of the wheel and the indicators
- Huge capacity (from little kid bike wheels to great car rim wheels for chopper bikes)
- Stability and no need to fix the stand down with any screws

Technical specification:

Wheel parameters
- outer diameters: 16-31 inches
- minimal hub width: 70 mm
- maximal hub width: 200 mm
- maximal axle diameter: 20 mm
- maximal rim width: 180 mm

Stand dimensions:
- Width: 50 cm
- Height: 45 cm
- Lenght: 21 cm
- Weight: 12 kg

Other data:

Coating: powder coat
Product assembled in 95%.

The set consists of:

Dial Indicators
Dishing Gauge

Shipment and Payment:

I send from Poland so the closer you are the faster the parcel will arrive. Roughly estimated shiping cost and times are as follow:

- Europe: 18 pounds (5-8 days)

- North America: 30 US dollars (4-8 weeks)
- North America: 80 pounds (10 days)

- Australia: 30 US dollars (3 months)

Payment based on PayPal invoice (full PayPal protection),