Niner Jet 9 RDO
- 2015 model
- size large
- geometry specs available on Niner's website
- beautiful glossy black
- super light and stiff carbon fiber
- listing includes frame and headset

Well used and well loved with many small scratches and a couple of good dings.
- I've gone over the entire frame and there are no cracks.
- I've increased the contrast of the photos to exaggerate the details... not quite as bad as it looks.
- paint wear inside rear triangle from small rocks stuck in tire tread (very common)
- paint chips at lower rocker pivot - from small rocks and gravel from rear tire (does not penetrate carbon)

The only two spots that penetrate the fibers are the chainstay gouge and downtube ding.
- driveside chainstay has a gouge from a chainring and/or dropped chain (no issues for 1 year)
- bottom of downtube has a 1/2" ding (no issues for ~3-6 months)