Item for sale is for frame Rock Shox 185mm MC 3.3 rear shock.

Any questions please ask. Offers welcome.

Originally bought as a complete bike in 2000. 6 years ago it was stripped down, aqua washed and powder coated ready for a rebuild (complete build shown in last uploaded picture). A reluctant sale. I was hoping to rebuild again with more modern components. But these days I have other commitments, making this difficult currently. As such I have decided to sell the frame & stick to having just one bike!! This frame is getting on a bit now admittedly. But it's a fantastic frame and with the right build could still be an amazing bike, even by today's standards. The design of the frame makes it laterally very stiff and the single pivot design works extremely well under all conditions. The pivot bearings were replaced during rebuild. But after 10 years riding the old bearings that were removed were still perfectly smooth. The single pair of bearings & position of the rear shock (out of the way of most of the abuse kicked up from the wheels) make this bike a very low maintenance set-up, even in extreme conditions.

NOTE: Frame also comes with rear gear hanger (not shown in pictures)


Frame details;

Steerer tube / fork size - 1-1/8th" (recommended fork length 80mm-120mm. Somewhere in the middle would be perfect)
Rear shock length - 185mm (frame has rear shock mounts for both 185mm and 165mm shocks)

Disk mounts only (no V-brake mounts on rear swing arm)

Wheel size - 26"

Review of Ellsworth Joker;