I have two sets of Race Face Aeffect wheels for sale. These were take offs from my wife's and my Rip9 Carbons we got last year. I built up a beefier set of wheels for my self because of my weight, and had another set of wheels already for my wife's bike that were a little more blingy. These seem to be great wheels though, so if you need a replacement set for something you crashed, or you need a back up set of wheels these would be a good option. Both sets are true, with no damage. Both are set up tubeless, but one set had trouble keeping air in the rear tire. I honestly couldn't tell if it was slowly leaking from somewhere on the wheel, or if the tire itself was the issue. They weren't run long enough to figure it out. Asking $240 per set of wheels. Fitment is 142 in the rear, 100 in the front. Does not come with brake discs, cassette, or skewers/axles. Thanks for looking.