Selling my 2011 Turner Flux Xl 26er. This was the stock Xt build with Xtr shifters/rear der swapped. This bike handles like its on rails and literally climbs out from under you. If you haven't been on a dW link bike you are in for a surprise. Parts are:

120mm Fox RLC fork, 100mm Fox RP23 rear, Xtr shifters and rear der (3x9 drivetrain), X9 front der, Xt cranks, Xt wheels, Formula Rx brakes, Easton carbon post and bars, Easton alu stem, Rocket team saddle

This bike is in pretty good condition with only a few minor issues. There is corrosion/rust on several bolts from my sweaty self rubbing on her. You can buy the complete rebuild kit for $150 from Turner if you want to change things out and freshen her up. The left shift lever is also a bit whacked. The little ball/socket on the reservoir is broken so the lever will pop out if you pull on it. It doesn't do it with normal use but if you pull the wrong way it will fall out. This is a $30 part that I haven't had a chance to fix. Other than that she is game. Probably due for a full service if you want to get fancy. I just put on a new chain and pads.

This bike was $4500 back in the day. I realize the market for 26 is in the toilet so I'm asking $900obo plus shipping. I'll get an exact shipping quote and pass it on to the buyer.