Up for sale is a 2007 Lefty DLR. Its currently set up for a 26" wheel, but could easily be converted to 27.5" or 29" by moving the internal spacers.

Cosmetically, it's in good shape.

Full disclosure, it hasn't been on a bike since about 2013 and will probably need some service to get it running smoothly again.

The boot is a little deformed from storage, but is not torn or cracked.

Prior to being taken off a bike it was well maintained, I was a LBS employee at the time.

In 2010, Cannondale replaced the upper due to a defect covered by the warranty. The upper therefore is newer than the rest of the fork and comes with the newer style frame bumper.

Helicoil is like new, as shown in the picture.

Also included (in the blue bag) are two new brake mounting bolts.

Asking $200 OBO. Shipping will be based on your location.