Borealis Echo XL set up as a 29er plus with Velocity Duallies and Chupacabraís. I am 6í even, bike fits me perfect. $3,000

This bike has about 300 miles on it, and the wheels and tires less than a 100.

Top of the line build kit when you order one of these from Borealis, with 3 upgrades;
1-Grip Shift instead of a trigger
2-Syntace Flexible seat post $250 item
3-XTR brakes with Shimano XT Ice-tech rotors. Brakes have less than 100 miles on them as well, race version.

I bought this from a Trek store here in Omaha that my best friend of 20 years manages and he will confirm the low miles on this bike. Long story shortened, I have been damaged goods physically from the day I bought it. Three (failed) surgeries later all this bike does is hang. I donít have to tell you what these cost, I am taking a huge bath on it and yes it sucks. However, I am nowhere near being close to riding again and to be brutally honest, I need the money to help pay for another surgery.

Bike has a few scuffs, itís used, but the recorded mileage is dead on accurate.

XX1 drivetrain. RF Next SL crank and bars. Bluto with the RCT3 in it, and was overhauled about 5 miles ago and had the ECR cold weather seal kit installed and it transformed the fork. VERY smooth and it doesnít require low pressure to get all the 100mm of travel. It really works wonderful and youíll agree. Mechanic who did the overhaul commented it didnít have correct amount of oil in it, but after that was corrected, and slick honey was used to coast some of the innards, along with the improved seal kit, fork works fantastic.

I realize this isnít the best picture, but if youíre shopping for a bike of this level you already know what this is.

I realize the bike is pictured with Sram brakes, but it has the new XTR "Race" version with XT Ice-Tech rotors.

Bike has XTR pedals on it, but those are not included. You can have the cages. Set up tubeless and they hold air perfectly.

Price is $3,000, reach out to me thru private message or leave a comment here with your contact information if youíre interested. Thanks, Jeff