CRITICAL: phone does NOT accept text!

Looks and runs like new. Superbly maintained. New chain rings, cassette, and chain. SRP new was $2500. 21 inch frame size.

See it. Ride it. Buy it, and enjoy the snow! Still the world's best looking Fat Bike, by the company that invented them. Alloy frame. Accessory mounting studs all over the frame and fork: Mukluk II load capacity exceeds any other known bike.

Mukluk II is ready for your dream snow and bush wack adventures! Are you?

3x9 speed. Disc brakes. Sold by original owner who works at home (no phone/email tag). Purchased new from Wayne @ Joy Ride Bikes, the best LBS in Cache Valley, Utah, home of LOTOJA 200 mile bike race.

Seller has wholesale USPO account w/10% discount. Shipping and insurance fee equals out of pocket cost for label (price prints on label).

Three pairs of tires: shown in image, another dirt/snow pair, and a pair of 3" semi-dirt tires.

Upon request seller shall email several more images (include your email address).

Thanks for looking.