These lowers are a brand-new (NOS), unused, replacement part that works for several models of rockshox fork. I didn't order directly from Rockshox, but I believe they are part number 11.4310.652.000, as listed on page 17 of this 2011 spare parts catalog: RockShox SPC_Rev B.pdf

- 2006-2011 Tora
- 2006-2010 Recon
- 2006-2009 Revelation

- for 26" wheels
- 80-130mm travel
- Q/R dropouts
- IS Disc brake tabs (Disc brake only)
- Matte black with no decals for a cool stealth look
- includes new seals (as shown in pics)

I ordered these lowers as a replacement to repair my ~2008/2009 120mm Recon 335 SL solo air, but abandoned that fix due to other issues. Unused but have a slight chip in the finish from storage, on the bridge between the lowers (see pics).

I paid ~$62 for this part, shipped.
Asking $45.