For sale is a ton of brand new x fusion stock for various forks. We don't have room to store these so we are blowing them out. All uppers and lowers are $30, lowers Include wiper seals! These are great spare parts to hold on to just in case you scratch up those uppers or put a nasty dent into the lowers. Normal cost on at set of lowers is $250 and uppers go for $200
list of items below.

Velvet lowers black 26" QR 15
Velvet lowers white 26" QR 15
Slide 29 Lowers black QR 15 and 9mm axle options available
Slide 29 lowers white QR 15 and 9mm axle options available
Trace 29 lowers white QR 15
Velvet white tapered CSU
Velvet black straight CSU
Velvet black tapered CSU
Enix black straight CSU
Vector coil damper rebuild kit
Vector coil RPV damper rebuild kit
*Damper kits are $7*
**We are also offering a special on vector coil rebuilds for only $99 seals included normally $155**