Hey everyone,

I recently bought a cyclocross bike made by Bianchi called a Roger. I had intended on doing a couple of modifications and getting it on the road. Unfortunately, I'm more in need of brake pads, rotors, and calipers for my car as well as some extra money to travel home for Thanksgiving to visit my family...so alas, the bicycle will be going up for sale. I figured I'd post on here first to gather some feedback, interest, information, etc.

I will take some pictures of it and list some more stats when I head over to my woodworking shop tomorrow. It does currently need a set of pedals since the previous owner took his set off when he sold it, as well as a re-wrap of one side of the handlebars.

My goal is to sell it for $575...or local pickup in or around Nashville, TN. Or you can workout a shipping pickup...or we can figure out shipping when you message me.

Here are all of the pictures I could get ahold of since my shop is closed for the holiday. When I get back I'll take some more of all of the specific areas, and check the size (57cm).