Time to start building up next year's race bike! This is the frameset option of Trek's premier racing hardtail, the Procaliber. This was to be my race bike last season, only the season didn't go as planned. I think I did 3 races, and maybe rode this a total of a half dozen other times. Seriously, this frame is spotless, like new. I can't even find any cable housing rubs on it. I don't think racing will be on the agenda next season either, so selling to help raise funds for a new Fuel EX.

- Size 18.5 (17.5 actual under Trek's slightly confusing sizing.)
- This is the frame used in the top of the line 9.9 SL, so matte black with red.
- Includes headset, seatpost collar, DT TA.

Asking $1,750 plus shipping.