I've got 3 sets of the older Time MX4 pedals for sale.

These older style are rare now, and I find them better than the newest version that have the more butterfly pedal body shape to them (which I've also tried.) The bodies on these older ones are a bit larger than the new ones, and the springs are easily replaceable in these. If you bend a spring, simply press out the holding pin with a small punch, swap springs, and re-press the pin in. With the newer butterfly versions, the pins are not replaceable, so the guys at Time told me when I spoke to them.

There are three sets. The sets with the orange zip tie and black zip tie are in the best condition and have about equal use, and in excellent shape. $55 shipped EACH.

The set not ziptied are the older set with a little more use, but still in excellent shape. $50 shipped.

Note: All 3 sets will need the bolts to install the cleats. I've included a set in the oldest pair, but they are not in the greatest of shape.

Any questions, please ask.